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Solange - Sleep In The Park

Solange - Sleep in the Park

I have been feeling Solange nonstop for the last couple of days. This track is killer, and she is totally channeling the writer of Ecclesiastes, if you ask me.

She tells us that we can survive on love—of course, miss honay, what else is there to survive on? How else can we survive? 

Look forward, look forward, do not consider the wasted months, the wasted weeks, the wasted moments. Look forward, look forward. The crepuscule is that moment when both the waste and the potential are there, together, splitting apart like twinned chromosomes, a reminder that they are the same thing, that they are both our movements and their traces. 

I believe in the heart—it is the only thing that can help us bear the weight of time.

My heart is heavy—time is, too. 

My heart is light—time is, too. 

My heart is—time, too. 

Time to. 


Can’t wait to get past my “Fast Life and Dissipation” phase.

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[MASHUP] Neon Bunny feat. GD&TOP - Oh my princes

Original version:

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There is so much going on here. I love it.


Perfect early fall outfit. I WANT I WANT. 


Kang Min Kyung by Kim Youngjun for Singles Korea June 2012

Rad. I want it to be cool enough to layer up again. (Patterned background optional.)


Street style: Kang So Young

George Benson - Give Me The Night (Chrome Canyon edit)

George Benson - Give Me The Night (Chrome Canyon Edit)

The days are getting shorter and this is the sound of a longer crepuscule. Mercury’s out of retrograde, and there’s something new in the wind. This is a song for those moments of summer nostalgia. 

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - American Dream Part II (Original Mix)

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - American Dream Part II 

This is what leaving America sounds like, what dreaming of a shoreline (and the interstate that leads to it) that I haven’t yet left sounds like. Part seagull sweat, part skinny fries, part the shock of A/C that rushes out onto sidewalks, part brick and puritan cupolas, part cut-offs, cutting off, being cut off, part low-riding rims and muffin-topping navels, part you, part me, part us, that is, part US, that is, parting from the US, but no matter, there will always be the oui, the we, the wee. 

koreanmodel: Soo Joo by Molly Goldrick for Relapse Magazine Jul/Aug 2012 That eye makeup! Ehmergehrd! Kjl, find out a way for me to do it on my own?